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Offered in French, Italian and Spanish the weekly News in Slow episodes can prove useful for learners of all levels. Not only is the delivery perfectly timed (it's slow, but not too slow) but being current news, chances are you'll at least have an idea of what they're talking about. Listening to news in a foreign language is great for increasing your vocabulary on current topics, which comes in handy if you'll be chatting to some natives soon.

Subscription Rates

We are happy that you are considering a subscription to our weekly intermediate program News in Slow Italian. We sincerely hope that we can help you advance your Italian comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and knowledge of idiomatic expressions. We'll be thrilled to have you among our subscribers!

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Please Note: Intermediate subscriptions do not include Beginner or Advanced subscriptions. Beginner, Advanced and Intermediate subscriptions must be purchased separately.

Whether your goal is to rapidly improve your Italian language skills, quickly move to the intermediate/advanced level, pick up idiomatic expressions, or just enjoy our news stories, News In Slow Italian can help you achieve your goals. Choose one of our four subscription levels that best suits your needs:

What is included with your subscription

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New weekly episodes with 30 minutes of audio X X X X
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Speaking Studio (Desktop Only) X X X
Transcripts of Grammar podcast   X X
Bonus Grammar lessons   X X
Transcripts of Idiomatic Expressions podcast   X X
Bonus Expression lessons   X X
* Pronunciation practice. Record and compare your pronunciation to a native speaker's     X
Interactive Grammar exercises (Quizzes)     X
* Pronunciation page is currently not available on Apple mobile and tablet devices: iPod, iPad, iPhone
Please Note: We do NOT do automatic renewals. We consider it to be a bad practice. When your subscription runs out you will NOT be billed for another term. If you like our program and wish to stay with us, you will need to re-subscribe to our service.

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